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We are constantly looking for new suppliers!

Are you a manufacturer of a known European brand of clothing and / or shoes and / or accessories? You can supply us with your collections constantlyquickly and reliable? You are in Europe and can show us the goods live? Are you looking for a reliable buyer for your over-production and / or store returns?

You offer your products in 1A-quality or B-quality with small defects and not older than 6 months, then send us your offer with the following information:

- stock or packing list with all details (like: Sizes, Colors etc. if available)
- brand name
- pictures
- Quantity of collection you can offer per season or year
- price list

Please note that we are ONLY interested in long-term partnerships (Please don´t offer one deal stocklots!).

Please contact us directly via our contact form. Alternatively, you may also contact directly our company owners. All contact information you find here.