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  • Artigli Girl

    Artigligirl is the new fashion and new Trends.Speziell for girls of today who want to know so fashionable as the mothers. This is the trend for the happiness of their children.

  • Bershka

    Bershka se lanza como una nueva marca de Inditex en 1998. Su nuevo formato comercial se adapta a las exigencias de un sector interesado joven, que es un gran conocedor de las tendencias actuales de forma simultánea. Bershka está destinado a servir como punto de referencia para la moda, que está dirigido a un público joven y cada vez más exigente.

  • C and A

    C&A is an international chain of fashion retail clothing stores, with its European head offices in Vilvoorde, Belgium and Düsseldorf, Germany. It has fashion retail store branches in Austria, Belgium, Brazil, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey and opening soon in Egypt. Its brands include Angelo Litrico, Canda, Clockhouse, Here+There, Palomino, Westbury, Yessica, Yessica Pure, and Your Sixth Sense. We with our wholesale of clothing are one of the prominent compnies in Europe. As wholesaler of clothing, shoes and accessories we sell only that what we have realy in our warehouse and what you can touch with your hand. Try to buy one time with us and you will get stock clothing for women, men and children a long term because we are interested to work a long time with you therefore we offer only nice, friendly and serious cooperation. You can buy with us the whole Winter and Summer collections every season. They contain T-Shirts, Shirs, Skirts, Jackets, Knitwear, Trousers, Shorts, Leggins and different Accessories 

  • Canada House

    Canada House children's clothing is suitable for children up to 16 years. As a supplier, we wholesale and supply companies in the world with this excellent product. Our certified products are of high quality. The parts in the body are made of 100% cotton. The brand is particularly popular because of their quality, cool design and Lenglebigkeit of high quality and durable materials. Our customers include wholesalers, retailers and also retailers from around the world.

  • Eight Sinn


  • Eiki


  • INDITEX Shoes

    Shoes, boots, sneakers, sandals, high-heeled shoes summer & winter mix of brands from the world famous and Inditex. Mixed special. Leftovers and after-sales overproduction

  • James HARVEST

    James HARVEST winter jackets for men, we ship worldwide to dealers. The brand originated in the United States. The high-quality goods is the sporty character. James Harvest was a legendary baseball player. The products are original with excellent quality, which we deliver to businesses.

  • Koralline

    Women's Clothing. The products are original with excellent quality, which we ausliefern.Designermode of companies from Italy. Class look with intricate details

  • Lefties



    Mango is a Spanish company specializing in the design, manufacture and marketing of franchises via clothing and accessories for women and men.

  • Miss Miss

    Miss Miss was born with a clear objective in mind. Since its first step into the "World of Fashion", embodies its brand with fresh in fine style. The eternal search for the ideal models and materials, gave him no rest. This brand has proven itself with Italian design together with the right materials and models.

  • Pimkie


  • Primadonna

    Wholesale footwear present an Italian brand in our assortment. Primadonna is a leader under shoes brands in low price segment in Italian market and has stores in Saudi Arabia, Italia, Spain and United Arab Emirates. More then 50% of the shoes from this brand are made in Italy. The modern typical Italian nice design, acceptable price and very good quality are the points which speak for this brand. We as leading wholesaler of shoes on European market received exclusive rights to sell this brand for a long term.


    Pull & Bear, a brand with a strong international vocation, founded in 1991, with the intention of dressing young-conscious environment, living in community and communicate. Youth casual style, avoiding clichés and want to feel good in what they wear. Pull & Bear devotes the latest international trends, combines the influences of the street and the trendy clubs, and reinventing his style, to make it comfortable and easy to wear outfits, and always at the best price.


    The company was born in 2000 and the name derives from the critic moment, most of the people said to be so stressed. During the years of working hard, the experience taught that to find the customers you need to make your own product, particular and exclusive. That’s why the company is structured like this: style department with modelling of new products and various laboratories for the production. From the time this structure is working, we are happy to note the main interest to our product and this have to be our way, trying always to do the best.


    STEFANEL is known particularly for knitwear Italian fashion brand for ladies and until 2011 also Men clothing and accessories with their own production and chain of shops, founded in 1959 by Carlo Stefanel. After a period of rapid growth, there were already 800 Stefanel stores worldwide. The main market of Stefanel was and is Italy, where it was end of the 1980s more than 550 boutiques Stefanel. The Asian market was taken by a joint venture with Onward Kashiyama 1989th To turn of the century, the Company operated 1,000 shops in 56 countries. The end of 2010, the Group employed 1630 people worldwide. The end of 2010 still maintained Stefanel 506 fashion stores, including Italy, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, Turkey and Korea.

  • Stradivarius




  • Terranova

    Very nice Italian Fashion brand for Women Age group: from 16-35 years Terranova, owned by Teddy SpA, is a multinational brand runs in clothing sector sinc e 1961. Teddy SpA conlcludes the year of 2010 with a turnover of € 341 millions and a turnover of 56 articles. There are 562 Terranova®, Calliope® e Terranova® Kids flagship stores in 33 countries all over the world.

  • Warren Webber


  • Yes Miss


  • ZARA

    Also available with us, the best-known and most successful brand in their price range in the world. The well-known manufacturer of ZARA clothing is available for women and for men, serving their target audience with many different modern styles. It is for you as an entrepreneur, a wide selection of shoes ready and thus meets all tastes of your customers.