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Stock Continent GmbH & Co KG

Holzbacher Strasse 8

55469 Simmern, Germany

Register court: Bad Kreuznach - HRA 20214

Headquarter: Simmern

VAT-ID-No: DE258754722


Personally liable partner: Buchorn & Buchorn GmbH 
Headquarter: Simmern
Register court: Bad Kreuznach - HRB 21818

Managing Directors: Anatolij Buchorn, Victor Buchorn


Office: +49 6761-9679988

Fax: +49 180-50065342843


Stock Continent GmbH & Co KG is owner of the trademark "STOCKCONTINENT" and in the following called "STOCKCONTINENT".

Responsible for the content of STOCKCONTINENT according to § 5 TMG and § 55 RStV are Anatolij Buchorn and Victor Buchorn



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Please read these terms carefully before you visit the Web site STOCKCONTINENTFor access to the site and use STOCKCONTINENT warmly welcomed if you agree with the following conditions. If you disagreeplease use the Site STOCKCONTINENT no further, but to leave immediately.

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You may not download the content, the brand logo, brand name or trademark description of this web-site, it is forbidden to copy and / or to reproduce or use for their own purposes.
The contents of this site may not be published and will be used for commercial purposes or changedunless you have obtainedthe prior written consent of this the STOCKCONTINENTThis website may fully or partially on another site - such as a hyperlink- to other sites. This website may not - be used for the construction of a file or set in a file to which you have access or third party -in whole or in part.

STOCKCONTINENT it is reserved to revoke at any time any of the foregoing powers, restrict or modify.
The name "STOCKCONTINENT", the logo "STOCKCONTINENT", which you encounter on the STOCKCONTINENT website are trademarks of Stock Continent GmbH & Co KG. Brands of third parties are marked as such.
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This website may occasionally contain technical inaccuracies or typographical errors. To appropriate corrections andadjustments, we are trying constantlyWe reserve the right to make changes and deletionsbut without this special notice. Alsomay provide STOCKCONTINENT make improvements or changes in products and programs that are described here.
STOCKCONTINENT further assumes no responsibility whatsoever for third-party websites to which you can gain access via thewebsite STOCKCONTINENTPlease look at links that allows you STOCKCONTINENT to such sitesas a pure complacency,these links do not imply that STOCKCONTINENT to third party websites or their contents as its own. Under no circumstances will STOCKCONTINENT any liability whatsoever for any direct, indirect or other damages, including consequential damages in connection with the visit of STOCKCONTINENT site or a site that is accessible through a linkFor the content of linked pages their operators are responsible.


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