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Choose from our different shipping methods from which is most convenient for you and best

Pickup by the customer

Are you even on the road with a transportable vehicle and want to collect the goods himself, very much, you just have to protect yourself from all the country-loading transport, transport and customs information specific details in your country and observe. You do not know these details? No problem, our expert sales manager will help you.


Parcels with GLS within Europe

Want to relax and let us transport, very happy, you simply leave your shipping address in your customer portal or share them with our Sales Manager, select the appropriate shipping method when placing your order and we'll do the rest!
GLS has been with us as a very reliable, cheaper and faster shipping proven partner. For small shipments from a package or bag you will receive within Europe in a short time your package out the door reliably, conveniently, professoinel, safely and quickly. What more does a dealer? :-)



Shipping with freight forwarding

We care that your goods to the destination fast, affordable, professional and above all safely reached. We have therefore only certified and known worldwide partner selected for you, where we are sure that your goods arrive safely with you also.Should it come to the complications, our shipping partner technically well equipped and all your cars have a tracking system with which we can find out for you very quickly where your shipment is currently located.
As early as 6-8 packages per order / charge may be worthwhile for you as part of a shipment of cargo forwarding. Just ask our qualified sales managers, they like you to calculate the transportation costs and find out quickly what is best for you.

Country-specific modes of transport


Russia is not only the largest country in the world but also one of the most complicated country which has its specifics. We have been working together with our Russian partners transport in Russia, which have proved reliable over the years as a partner. How do you get your cargo safely and quickly, mainly to Russia, you like to explain our Sales Manager.


Ukraine is a country with beautiful nature, where now many European food retail chains have their organic farms. But this country is full of surprises, which may not always be positive. But as you can go this less positive surprises out of the way and get your goods quickly and safely, especially in the Ukraine, you like to explain our sales team manager.


Is a country with lots of Stepen still partly uninhabited regions jungfreulicher nature. It is now one of the Eurasia Union to which a further 3 countries such as Belarus, Uzbekistan and Russia are. Again, we have found a way for you quickly and safely ship the goods to you. Our Sales Team Manger us help you the best and most secure way for you to find.




Choose from our different payment methods from which is most convenient for you and best

Payment in advance:

Decide on a payment in advanceyou will receive directly after your order per e-mail a non-binding order confirmationAfter reviewing your order we will send you a binding order confirmationIn this order confirmation you will find our bank details to transfer the payable amount. Once the amount is received, your goods will be prepared immediately for transport and is within a short time on the way to you.

Payment in cash on pickup:

You have also the possibility to look at the goods on site, to pay for the goods and directly to pick up the goods by your own car. Or you leave us organize the transportation for you with our certificated shipping partner with overland freight, by rail, by air freight or sea freight. YOU DECIDE!

Payment by Western Union:

You have the option to pay via Western Union the invoice amount. Just ask our sales manager, they are happy to help you. More information about this payment method you find on official web-site of Wester Union